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We are skilled, experienced, and well-versed Australian Immigration Consultants in Qatar. Our immigration experts are committed to offering world-class immigration services to people across different areas such as resettlement, visa, business establishment, etc.

We strive to deliver efficient and timely services and make our customers realize their integration plans to Australia and other countries. We streamline the immigration process in a cost-effective and structured manner.

Extending our professional expertise, we also take care of the air ticketing process, accommodation, foreign exchange, and other services. We are one of the best Australian Immigration Consultants in Doha fulfilling the dreams of many immigration aspirants.


Good Reasons To Immigrate To Australia

Migrating to Australia is becoming an attractive option for more and more people. Many people from South East Asia, the UK and South Africa have considered moving to Australia for various reasons with many of them having heard from friends living already in Australia that the country provides many good opportunities

As a developed country with a good reputation for being welcoming to migrants, a strong economy, many well paid jobs, a modern lifestyle and a high standard of living it frequently is featured as one of the best countries in the world to live.

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Friendly & Welcoming Culture

With newbies arriving for centuries, there’s a real culture of welcoming new arrivals with open arms. You will find people are laid-back, informal and very open to making new friends and acquaintances.

Subsidised Health Care

The Medicare system in Australia provides access to a wide range of health care services, free medical care in public hospitals and lower costs for prescription medicines.

Excellent Education System

The Australian public education system has a good reputation for its high quality of students and learning methodologies. It is a more holistic based system compared to their counterparts in various parts of Asia

Great Job Opportunities

No matter whether you are a doctor or nurse, plumber or engineer, teacher or builder, if your occupation is in on the skills list, you’re likely to earn more down under.

Frequently asked questions

What Is General Skilled Migration Program

What is General Skilled Migration Program?

The Skilled Migration Program is for Skilled Individuals and Families to permanently migrate to Australia for work and settle.

This program is intended to fill Australia's Skill Shortages with Skilled Migrant workers.

In order to apply for the Skilled Migration Program, your occupation should be listed in the Australian Skilled Occupation list.

There are 3 types of Visas one can apply for Permanent Residency under the General Migration Program.

  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Skilled Regional Visa

To apply for Skilled Independent or Skilled Nominated Visa, the candidate should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The Australian Government will review your EOI and if eligible, will invite you to apply for the skilled visa.

The entire Visa application process will take anywhere between 6-12 months.

  • To be eligible to apply for a Australia Permanent Residency under the Skilled Migration Program, you will need a minimum score 65 points out of 100. The points are calculated based on your Age, Education, Language Proficiency, Work Experience, Australian Education and Partner Skills.
  • Your occupation must be listed in the Skilled Occupation List.
  • You need to prove that you have sufficient funds in your account to support your application and stay in the country.
  • You should have a Valid Passport and other required documents such as IELTS score card, Educational Certifications, Proof of employment etc.
30 Points Maximum 20 Points Maximum 20 Points Maximum
20 Points Maximum 10 Points Maximum 10 Points Maximum
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Benefits of

Having Permanent Residence Visa

  • Citizenship

    Permanent Residents can apply for Australian Citizenship

  • Healthcare

    PR's will get the same healthcare coverage as Australian Citizens

  • Social Benefits

    Free high quality Education and other social security benefits like tax benefits etc.

  • Live, Work, Study

    With PR, you can live, work and study anywhere in Australia

  • Protection & Freedom

    You are protected under Australian law and the Australian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Booming Economy

    Your career and personal growth is guaranteed with Australia's booming economy

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Other visas

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Skilled Nominated Visa

State and Territory Nominated Sponsorship Visa is for the skilled individuals who want to settle in Australian states.

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Skilled Independent Visa

Permanent Family Resident Visa is for the Skilled individuals and it is issued based on the criteria like Age, Work Experience, Education, and English Proficiency.

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Skilled Work Regional

Currently, the Australian Government is also emphasizing in developing the Regional Area. To streamline their immigration policies, the Australian government has also come up with the ‘skilled regional visa’ policy

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