MIS-Consultants provide transparent and timely Canadian immigration consultation to its aspirants. We ensure a successful implementation of your application before you choose to initiate the same, and offer a one-stop immigration solution for all of your concerns. We are empowered by experienced professionals and knowledgeable immigration consultants that help our clients to deal with their Canadian immigration and visa application process. Through our assistance, you can rest assured about any latest immigration policy changes. Our consultants possess up-to-date information to make sure that our clients remain stress-free and do not have to struggle with any last moment immigration procedures.

Looking For Professional and Best Canada Immigration Consultants In Qatar

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, and considering the area, it ranks as the fourth largest country. In terms of per capita income, Human Development index, government transparency, economic freedom, and various other credentials, Canada holds the highest position. MIS-Consultants in Qatar specialize in assisting the immigration applicants who have a Canada visa through the consulate. Our Canada immigration firm provides streamlined and professional services to our clients and helps them migrate to Canada in the easiest way possible. Our team is backed by professional immigration specialists, who will help you understand the immigration prerequisites, requirements, and mandatory procedures. Canada immigration policies are specially formulated to speed up your application process without any hassle.

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We have a decade long experience serving in the immigration industry, and we are one of the fastest and most efficient immigration firms based in Qatar. We understand and are well aware of the immigration goals and aspirations of our clients, and help them secure the fastest services possible. We serve the best immigration destination consultation to the migrants. Our Canada immigration consultation offers a prompt response and guidance to the clients irrespective of the diversity. The consistent approach, client’s trust, and reliability are some of the factors that have established us in the top position among the various Canadian immigration consultants in Qatar.

Eligibility Criteria:

Age: 18 to 46

Education: a minimum of 2 years Diploma

Employment: a minimum of Year experience from anyone Canada Shortage Occupation List.

Advantages of Immigrating To CANADA-

  • A permanent resident in Canada possess the right to live or work in any region of the country unless specially mentioned
  • Enjoying social perks of the country suggest free education for the kids and Healthcare facilities for the family members in case of immediate attention
  • Immigrants have the choice to shift to the country along with their family including parents and children
  • Upon the completion of PR life, the migrants can easily apply for the citizenship

The Federal Skilled Workers program/ Express Entry Program

For years the Canadian government has welcomed applications for highly skilled professionals to fill in the vacant positions. On 31st January 2015, the government regulatory bodies officially rolled out the express entry system. The aim of this program was to simplify the immigration policies for the immigrants.


The immigrant applicants willing to migrate to a specific region or territory in Canada can rely on the provincial nominee program. This program allows the special provinces or territories in Canada to nominate the

immigrant aspirants based on their skills required for the vacant positions. Is Canadian province has its special provincial nominee program alongside a minimum of one immigration stream aligned with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system.

 Federal Skilled Trader Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) offers one of the many ways to secure a permanent resident visa for Canada immigration. Any immigrant aspirant who is skilled enough in the trades mentioned by the Canadian government can easily apply for the application through this program.

 Canada Family Visa

If you are an immigrant having Canadian citizenship or PR, or even if you are working in Canada for any temporary visa then you can sponsor and apply Canadian Visa for your spouse, parents, children, or other family members. Canada is one such country that has huge consideration for family relationships and hence, it has introduced numerous pathways to help the Canadian residents to possibly connect with their loved ones easily.

 Stages in Applying For The Express Entry Program:

 Stage 1: Start the ECA process alongside Preparing for IELTS General Test

The immigrant applicants who have completed their academic outside Canada province have to go through the educational credential assessment (ECA) to successfully get through the qualifications assessed by the

Canadian authorized government regulatory bodies like IQAS, WES, ICAS, or CES for having an equivalent certificate. The educational credentials assessment proves that the educational qualifications of the individual are genuine and equivalent to the standards of recognized Canadian educational bodies.

MI-Consultants help the potential immigrant seekers to process their ECA application along with offering you complimentary IELTS training from the certified trainers. We make sure to help you get the standard scores required for your immigration application.

Stage 2: developing Express Entry Profile with RCIC:

We create an online Express Entry profile of our immigrant individuals. This profile is inclusive of the details about your age, work experience, education, language skills, and many more. Based on these information credentials you will be given the score.

If the applicant has qualified the same by 67 marks or above, we submit your immigration profile. This will also be inclusive of the Express Entry pool. After all these efforts, if your immigration profile has made its way to the Express Entry pool, it is ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Also, the criteria like work experience, adaptability, or age also act as a determinant for your CRS ranking score. If you have achieved the required score then your profile can get included in the Express Entry pool.

Stage 3: Applying for the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP):

Canadian province has the most skilled employment requirements dependent on the local credentials. To meet all those requisites, the Canadian provincial government sponsors a few skilled professionals by awarding them with 600 points for the CRS score.

We at MIS-Consultants have an experienced team to monitor the PNP updates of our clients on a regular basis and we streamline the immigrant application to maximize their chance of getting the expected ITA score. However, this is also optional and not mandatory for the application.

For the immigration applicants having a CRS score of less than 400, we recommend them to apply for the PNP to get the immigration as the chances are slim in the federal ITA. MIS-Consultants as a leading immigration consultant firms don’t charge additional for the immigration applicants for filing PNP’s as it is complimentary for all our clients.

Stage 4: acquire your Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If the immigrant profile of the individual gets selected from the Express Entry pool, you will get an ITA from the Canadian government. After this, the applicant can initiate the documentation for their PR visa. At MIS-Consultants our ICCRC Lawyers represents your ITA Application with RCIC.

End To End Best Canada Immigration Services

MIS-Consultants are the best immigration consultants in Qatar offering customer-centric services and guidance. We offer consultation services to save you from last-minute hassles, along with saving time and limiting the complexities in the immigration process. We also provide highly personalized consultation to our clients for completing their immigration applications and visa applications. We have extensive experience in dealing with the Canadian immigration processes, and our knowledge of the immigration application makes the process easier for our clients. Ours is a preeminent and full-service Canadian immigration consultant firm in Qatar.

Our platform undoubtedly conducts the most transparent and honest immigration proceedings to deliver successful results. We have enough experience in the industry, and our empathy towards our clients makes us the leading immigration consultant firm. To get fast and reliable Canada immigration services for your application, you can reach out to our professional helpline number at (+974)40021333 or browse through our website at mis-consultants.com.