September 23, 2021

CANADA, The Land of Promising Jobs

Canada is the second-best country in the world to live and work as per the world rankings. overall sustainability, cultural influence, economic influence, entrepreneurship, and primarily for the quality of life is something that this nation offers to its citizens.

Canada offers many job opportunities in various exciting fields. This has led to many immigrants choosing to work in Canada with the promise of fair salaries and excellent quality of life. Canadians are hardworking people who are dedicated and passionate about what they do, so if you are qualified and hoping to immigrate, the good news is that Canada is looking for people like YOU.

Canada’s economy finished a sizzling summer by adding 90,200 jobs in August, the third consecutive monthly increase that brought the country as close as it has been to recouping historic employment losses last year.

Unemployment was at the lowest rate since the onset of pandemics, but the rate changed from 7.1 per cent to a little high during the second month in a row.

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Let us take you ahead with more information on what is happening in the dream paradise named Canada.

Fact and Figures-

The unemployment rate fell to 7.1 per cent for the month, compared with 7.5 per cent in July, bringing the rate to the lowest level since the onset of the pandemic last year.

The Canadian immigrants who have been there for more than five years had an employment rate of 59 per cent. In contrast, the Canadian-born population has an employment rate of 61 per cent, more than the pre-COVID levels.

By sector, the big driver of the gain was hotels (and) restaurants (+74,600), reflecting a more complete re-opening, and a stark difference with the U.S.,” BMO notes in its analysis of the StatsCan survey. “Information, culture (and) recreation rose a hearty 23,900, another sector that would have benefited from reopening.

StatsCan notes a gain of 20,000 jobs in construction.

What do economists say?

Economists had expected that Friday’s report from Statistics Canada would show another gain as restrictions eased in much of the country, giving another reopening bump to the labour market.

The Labour Force Survey for August shows that British Columbia. is making great strides in our economic recovery with another 14,400 jobs gained throughout the province – 13,600 of these jobs are among women,” said Ravi Kahlon, British Columbia’s Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation. “All job gains are full-time”.

Good News –

According to the newest Labor Force Survey, the number of people employed in Canada almost touched pre-pandemic levels in August.

All regions in Canada are opened with public health measures from August 15 to 21st 2021.

Most opportunistic one

Services-producing industries (accommodation and food service industries) of Canada see upliftment when it comes to the employment rate.

Significant Reason

The very recent immigrants (who landed within the past five years) could see an uptrend in the employment rate, which is nearly 78 per cent. This is more than 6 per cent compared to August 2019. This is due to the reduction in the number of immigrants in 2020 due to pandemic travel restrictions.

Provinces Seeing significant up trending in job numbers –

Employment was up in August in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, and unemployment is now at its lowest level in Canada since February 2020.

Vancouver has a strong economy and plenty of employment opportunities in a number of industries such as telecommunications, technology, mining, construction, tourism and hospitality, finance and forestry

“For the third consecutive month, British Columbia was the lone province with employment above its pre-pandemic level,” Statistics Canada says in a labour force survey released today.

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While Canada is in a better position than many countries, it continues to face significant economic and social impacts from the pandemic. As a result, the country is redoubling its efforts to strengthen its workforce by enabling people already in the country as well as new immigrants to help drive economic recovery and strengthen the Canadian labour market.

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