January 31, 2022

Revised Rules For Immigration in Canada: Few Basics

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada had revised rules for immigration post the outbreak of the pandemic. It is clear that, the Canadian economy is all set to invite foreign nationals, in order to contribute positively towards national growth. But, how many of us, really know about the intricacies of Canadian immigration as on date?

Expert consultants’ related to immigration reveal that, Canada had been one of those nations to have survived successfully during Covid times. However, post the outbreak of the pandemic, the economy had already started to revive and the Government of Canada (GoC) had already started to be on the lookout for foreign professionals eligible for a long term stay in Canada.

Revised Immigration Plans to enter Canada: What Do You Need to Know?

One of the major criteria to drive immigration opportunities in Canada was to bring in foreign nationals who could spearhead the overall economic growth. However, based on the impact of the pandemic, it was clear that, new rules pertaining to immigration in Canada was already under process. Certain points related to a revised structure of immigration applications related to the following:

  • New applications of immigration on behalf of human rights professionals were to be processed on a priority basis. At the same time, immigration services’ were to facilitate resettlement opportunities especially for people who faced threat within the nation.
  • Immigration authorities were to act in synchronized fashion coupled with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to help and encourage nationals from Afghanistan in need to settle in Canada. Such a population included people from diverse backgrounds such as women, men, journalists, lesbian and gay population to name a few.
  • A major objective was to increase the number of human entries in Canada within a respective year based on the eligibility criteria.
  • According to experts, the immigration department in Canada was to facilitate ‘immigration movements’, and address process delays on a priority.
  • It was stated by Justin Trudeau that, family unification was to be encouraged for foreign nationals and temporary agreements were to be made in order to bring in spouses and children of the concerned resident was to be brought within Canada.
  • Government of Canada was to encourage free application mechanisms for permanent residents who were actually eligible for it.
  • Experts stated that, post Covid outbreak the Canadian immigration Services were to deploy a trusted employer system in order to process valid and eligible job applications from foreign nationals. At the same time, such an organisation would be encouraged to conduct a stringent procedure of background verification as well.
  • Temporary foreign workers program was being facilitated by Canadian immigration services, post pandemic in order to improve talent management process.
  • A call was made to simplify visa processing in order to reduce the lead time for issuance of work permits and visas
  • Establishing an employer hotline was to be made a priority in order to improve recognition of foreign degrees and diplomas.
  • Simultaneously, a process mechanism was to be followed by immigration authorities in order to account for contributions made by informal workers to the Canadian society.
  • A support strategy to improve immigration count was taken, wherein Quebec was to be supported to drive immigration services for people speaking French.
  • Irregular migration was to documented so as to make sure, the contributions made by foreign nationals on a periodical basis.
  • Temporary workers in the agri-field were to be targeted in order to give them permanent residence within Canada.
  • A major drive was generated to integrate so called skilled refugees to make them main stream immigration workers and help them contribute towards economic development.
  • Healthcare segment was to be prioritised as far as the immigration services were concerned. Idea was to address skilled labour demand in the given segment.
  • Rural immigration pilots were to be facilitated in order to successfully build up ‘Atlantic Immigration Pilot’ a permanent residence program in Canada.

Immigration in Canada had resumed post the pandemic outbreak although rules and regulations had been made much more stringent. Each prospective immigrant is henceforth suggested to go through the devised norms as put up by Canadian authorities. However, it is important to note that, each and every provincial guidelines remain to be different and hence, one should take a detailed note of it in priority. Prospective immigrants are  therefore requested to check the points for making a valid visa application through a stringent documentation process.

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